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Nicolette Ward
Nicolette (Nikki) Ward
BA (Psychology)
Dip. Holistic Counselling
Gottman Couples Therapist
PACT Couples Therapist
Mental Health First Aider, Blue Card
Kinesiologist (in training, 2nd Year of 2 Year Diploma)
15 Years Experience

Life can be tough to navigate sometimes. We all need a little help at certain times, even if it is just to say: "Yes, you are allowed to feel this way".  I am available to you as a sounding board, a listener, a holding space to unfold, drop the armour so you can take a deep breath and bring things into perspective.  When we sit together, in my comfortable practice, or online we become fellow travellers for a moment in time, so we can do this together. You will not walk alone. We will shine a light on the dark corners and reveal what needs to be seen in a gentle manner so you can find your own insights and realisations. From this space, you get to see what next steps look like on your own terms.




While I can never be the expert in everything, I am supported and supervised  by a network of thought leaders and professionals  (too many to mention them all here) so you have access to some of the world's best when it comes to counselling. I have met each of these people personally, and have had significant interactions with them throughout my career.

I deeply acknowledge their tremendous contribution to the formation of my skill set.

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