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Holistic Online

Individual, Relationship & Couples Counselling




Holistic Individual, Relationship and Couples Counselling is available for anyone who would like to strengthen or enrich their relationships, e.g. partner, family or friendships or address personal issues as well such as anxiety, depression, life transitions, separation and trauma.

Book a free 15 minute call at your convenience to ask any questions.



I use a unique therapy toolbox that covers ALL aspects of being human. Holistic relationship and couples counselling that works with how we soothe each other's nervous systems to ensure we are able to fully engage in our relationships.

Nicolette is one of 84 holistic therapists in the world and accepts clients internationally from all over the world.



My service is informed by the world's thought leaders in relationship & couples counselling.

Using the Gottman Method and the PACT method, I leverage off both approaches along with my holistic training to get the best mix of therapy possible for your relationship. I have counselled clients from all over the world and have a good multi-cultural understanding.


Your therapist, Nicolette Ward has been trained by some of the world's top researchers and thought leaders, namely Dr John Gottman, Dr Stan Tatkin, Dr Jane Peterson and Brenda Sutherland, in the Gottman and PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) Methods. She is one of 84 Holistic Therapists in the world.
All approaches are evidence-based and  backed by the latest neuroscience, and
client-focussed.  Additionally, the incorporation of other holistic methods employed by Nicolette and is what sets her apart from other therapists. Nicolette has counselled clients from all over the globe, and comes from a multi-cultural background herself. She is a Third Culture Kid (TKC) and is able to keep a broad systemic view on the world whilst being able to work at the couple level, and the individual level.


You are under enormous pressure to fulfill a multitude of roles in multiple domains, i.e. in all your relationships, both private and public. Not only that, you are expected to do it looking fabulous and unflappable!

If you are already experiencing stress as a natural by-product of life, and you still find, in times of difficulty, when you are often left literally 'holding the baby', that naturally you fall apart, or feel drained and weakened,  then it is time...

Single, or in a relationship, you are also looking for fulfillment, and connection to that special someone, a significant other to create a life together that is fulfilling and rewarding. 

Perhaps its time to seek support and strengthening strategies to enhance your ability to thrive despite the demands placed on you.  Together we can explore your options to best empower you to live the life you feel you deserve. 


You are called into being a provider, protector and pillar of strength for your family, All the while, you too, are expected to do this without fear, or anxiety, and be 'strong' at all times. 

From an early age, you are taught to hide yourself behind a poker face, and to show only on the outside,  that which you want the world to see.  You already know this censorship often means you containerise or shut down yourself to anything that threatens that tough exterior. There may be times when you  feel like you are 'numb' inside or worse,  'not enough' because societal expectations place this burden squarely at your feet.

​Dealing with these stressors can be challenging, even for the toughest of men! Together, we look at new ways you can find new meaning for your traumatic life events, while learning how to develop resilience, find new strength and to express yourself accurately so you can get your needs met.  Do this work today to ensure your relationships remain connected and meaningful. 


Couples counselling is a way of holding space for couples to learn about themselves, and for me, as therapist
is very profound and rewarding work.

Using a mix of evidence-based Gottman method, and Dr Stan Tatkin's PACT approach, you both get to air your grievances, vent and de-emote charged, no-go topic areas. 

Within the phased structure of assessment, treatment and maintenance, you both can realise the dreams that live within your conflict and live a life you love.

​Even the most conflict-ridden relationships can still be repaired, we work together to empower you to determine how you will repair a war torn relationship or exit an unhealthy one.


“You got me to start journalling in those first four sessions. I cannot begin to tell how valuable that has been. I have been able to reflect and review with you on this in session, so we can identify, explore and overcome some of the relationship challenges I have been experiencing with my daughter.”



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